Jen is working with Fanny Physio Dr Sarah Mattin to help treat her prolapse. In this episode, Dr Sarah Mattin gets real with all of the treatments including acupuncture directly to the pelvic floor to help Jen’s prolapse. This very educational conversation shows the ways Jen is improving her prolapse.

To watch the video version here.

Sarah started her career as an Athletic Therapist in Canada and worked exclusively with athletes and sporting populations before moving to the sunny Gold Coast in 2009.

Sarah completed Bachelor of Science, and Athletic Therapy Degrees as well as minoring in Psychology at the University of Guelph and Sheridan College in Ontario Canada. She then specialised in on field medical coverage, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and return to sport for amateur and professional athletes for years before moving to the much warmer climates on the Gold Coast.

Sarah then completed a Doctoral degree in Physiotherapy from Bond University in 2011 and has been working in a combination of private physiotherapy practice in Palm Beach and the hospital system since. You’ll mostly find her in the clinic on the Gold Coast where she also works with her favourite group of clients under our sister name Mummy and Me: Physio & Pilates. On the odd weekend when they’re desperate for help you may still find her helping out at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane where she’s been helping out for over 10 years.

Sarah enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions and takes great pleasure in helping clients achieve their goals. She loves a good challenge and her favourite thing is to help someone who has given up, find their passion and renewed zest for life! After all, we do live in one of the greatest places on earth!! 

Sarah has a super power for helping women and men with pelvic floor prolapse issues and all the associated ailments like “weeing when you sneeze”.

She has trained in a wide variety of treatment techniques including Western acupuncture and targeted rehab exercises, laser, shockwave, reformer pilates and a combination of hands-on therapy techniques to treat everyone holistically as an individual.

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