In this week’s Smart Sassy Seniors podcast Jen and Alice speak with David T S Wood, a 61 year old rebel, troublemaker and all-round vibrant human being. He’s also a renowned Mindset Trainer who has worked with a million people around the world to inspire them to transform the way they live their lives.

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You can connect with David TS Wood on his social media platforms:

Smart & Sassy Steps

The Smart & Sassy steps we want to share with you today.

David speaks of three keys to approaching ‘seniorhood’ as a vital new chapter of life:

  1. Watch your language – remove the words that don’t give you energy and vitality
  2. Be awake to the people you hang out with most – make sure they are engaged and happy in their lives
  3. Keep learning new things every day, every week; every year – take up a musical instrument, learn a new language, try a new sport…